No one was expecting hard rain in Tuscany in June. In Florence, the coffee must go on!

Zakynthos,  Ionian sea. June 2018

Young Dutch love on the boat to Thailand's Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea. December 2004
Kuljeet in Malta. January 2008
Olivia. December 2009
Vanessa. September 2014
​​​​​​​August 2008
Dr Sarah​​​​​​​
Dominic and Robyn​​​​​​​
Jana and Miška
Andy, a professional golf coach, promoting his 'hypnogolf' for first-tee nerves​​​​​​​
Jola. March 2008
Astrid. January 2016
Tia with a quizzical face ('What's he doing with that camera?'). June 2007
Tia with a cheeky face​​​​​​​
Alessia and Liberty. May 2010
Thai beach village kids, Kho Phi Phi, Thailand. December 2004​​​​​​​
Monika, Miška, birthday girl 'Babka', Jana and Mirka –​​​​​​​ four sisters celebrating their mum. April 2010
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